Principles of Macroeconomics - ECON2301 


Readings and Texts

Required Textbook:

N. Gregory Mankiw, Essentials of Economics - Custom Text, 7th edition (bundled package with access to MindTap for BB9), ISBN: 978-1-285-16587-5.

This textbook is being used in all sections of ECON2301, although some of the sections taught by other editions are using different editions of the textbook. There is a companion website available here which contains learning objectives, study notes, ethemes, web links and quizzes for each chapter.  There is also a student study guide available for the text, which is optional for this class.

Students can either buy the book and courseware Aplia from the University bookstore, or these are available through the BB9 website at  Access to MindTap through BB9 is required for the assignments that all students are expected to complete.